Play On the Rivet on Tabletop Simulator

On the Rivet is now available to play virtually on Tabletop Simulator.

TTS provides a neutral environment in which to play games. But while it handles the physics of shuffling decks, moving pieces and throwing dice, it doesn’t enforce the rules of the game. So you still have to know the rules in order to play.


If you enjoy the game, please consider a donation. Any proceeds will be put towards making the game a reality. Thanks!

Donate via PayPal

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Donate via Venmo

You can send money to me at littletinyfish via the Venmo app on your mobile device (Apple Store, Google Play).

Getting started with Tabletop Simulator

Playing your first virtual game of On the Rivet in the Tabletop Simulator is a multi-step process for getting started, but you’ll only have to do this once.

You’ll need to get a Steam account, buy Tabletop Simulator and subscribe to the On the Rivet module. The steps follow:

  1. Sign up for a free Steam account.
  2. Then download and install the free Steam app.
  3. Return to your browser and navigate to the Tabletop Simulator (TTS) page, to buy the app. Scroll down and click the Add to Cart button, then click the Purchase for myself button.
    NOTE: TTS is made by Berserk Games and I receive no compensation for your purchase.
  4. In your browser navigate to the On the Rivet module page. Click the Subscribe button.
  5. Congratulations! The next time you open Tabletop Simulator, you will have access to On the Rivet.

Before you begin playing, I recommend running through the 10-minute tutorial to help familiarize yourself with the controls. This can be found by clicking the lightbulb icon in the middle of the start screen.

To play a game of On the Rivet, you’ll either need to start a new instance of the game and provide the credentials to your friends, or join a game someone else has created.

Creating a game

  • Start Tabletop Simulator
  • Click the Create button
  • Click the Multi-player button
  • Name your temporary server (anything unique and memorable)
  • Create a password for the server
  • Set the max players to between 3-7 player
  • Click Create Server
  • Now you can load On the Rivet from your subscriptions.

Joining a game

To get your friends to the table they need to:

  • Start Tabletop Simulator
  • Click the Join button
  • Search for the name of the temporary server that you created
  • Click Connect
  • Input the password you provided them
  • Then choose a seat

It’s not the most streamlined process in the world, but once everyone gets familiar with the controls it becomes second nature pretty quick.

If you enjoy your experience, please consider a donation. Any proceeds will be put towards making the game a reality.