Playtesting Visions of Rainbows

Just a huge thanks for the game which already arrived safely. Great production and now just hoping to get some time to really play and explore it. Really impressive – well done again for the superb campaign.

Jason Dunn
Kickstarter Backer #45

When I was in the middle of my race I couldn’t stop thinking about how accurate that game was to bike racing.

Lisa Cordova
Tour of America’s Dairyland racer and game enthusiast

We really enjoyed play-testing. I think you have a really good thing going!

Megan Starshak

Didn’t get to play-test myself, BUT rule-set was instantly understandable and intriguing on sight alone. Intuitive design, inviting, interesting.

Anonymous Video Game Designer

Fun, optional-co-op game with good randomization. Help each other win, or not! Great long-form game to newbies and table-top pros alike.

Leslie Peckham
Casual gamer

Well designed, thematically rich, and fun to play. Easy to grasp for a newbie with depth to spare for a more experienced racer.

Nick Barth
Strategy gamer and programmer

At first the rules seemed a bit convoluted, but once the game got going it started to make sense. Overall it was a really interesting game to play!

Anonymous Play-tester

Even with familiar terrain/routes, and riders with known strengths, you have to be ready to change strategies and take risks. There are many different strategies that can lead to success.

Sam Dodge
Casual game-player

I know absolutely nothing about bike racing. However, I found the game very fun and it drew me in to the strategy of bike racing. I’d recommend this game to people who like tactical and competitive games. It may seem somewhat intimidating to a more casual gamer, but if the player likes a challenge I think they would enjoy this game.

Anonymous Playtester

Fun game, though transitioning lanes from straight-aways to curves was a bit confusing at first. Moving all the players at once was a bit cumbersome. Fun game with a learning curve.

Anonymous Playtester

The thrill of the race! There are so many strategies to unlock – do you want to gut it out alone or hang back in the pack, saving it for the final turn? Throw in a flat or some tired legs and you’re in a furious scramble to recover.

Adam McDowell

It was fun.

Brad Novak
Strategy gamer

This may be a bike-themed game, but there is a solid strategy game here. Just make sure the copy and terminology is tightened up.

Nick Beaudin
Strategy gamer