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NOTE: On the Rivet was formerly called “Visions of Rainbows.” These reviews pre-date the name change.

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Many thanks to Dane Trimble for taking a chance and being the first to review the game.

On the Rivet: The Race for the Champion’s Stripes Kickstarter Preview

After several plays I still feel like I have a lot to learn about the strategy of this game, and I have a feeling that won’t change any time soon. It reminds me a lot of Chess in that way.

Dane Trimble – Everything Board Games

Other articles

On the Rivet: From Kickstarter to production overview on

Sometimes it is not about the game but about its making. Jason McDowell is a designer and cycling enthusiast from Milwaukee who not only has made every possible effort to release this game but has telegraphed every step of the process via Kickstarter’s updates. I discovered this game over one year ago (thanks Hans Plattner for the tip!) on Kickstarter. At the time the games was called “Visions Of Rainbows” but unfortunately the funding goal was not reached and the project was withdrawn on February 2020. However, Jason did not give up and the project was relaunched in August with a few changes and a new title, and this time the project was successfully funded and the game has been released…

Francesc Corbella –

Race Your Own Spring Classic with ‘On the Rivet’ Board Game – Cyclocross Magazine

A bike-racing board game is a project that occupies the niche-iest of niches. Both are small areas and, when combined, are smaller still. I believe this is a solid game, but I laughingly suggest if I could do it all over again, I’d choose a wizards and starfighter theme and called it “Harry Pod-Racing” instead.

Jason McDowell

On designing a game that interconnects my life and connects with others – OnMilwaukee

All of these board games could easily be digitized and played over a network (and many of them already are), but playing a physical game is like touching a vinyl record. There is a certain satisfaction you get when pull the weight of a large box from your shelf into your hands, a lovely smell when you open remove the lid and a tactile warmth to pushing cardboard punch-outs across a board.

Jason McDowell