Card design

Action Cards

I play-tested the game with a friend who has a learning disability, and over several iterations, worked to make the cards read as quickly as possible. Clarity helps game-play move faster, and after sharpening the visual cues, fewer questions arose.

  • Each of the movement types is individually color coded.
  • The active rider is colored to match the card border. This notes their position in regards to the un-colored riders.
  • There is also a shadow below the active rider, which helps in lower light conditions.
  • When in doubt, the movement type is written out on the card.

I hope to use similar tactics once the team icons are finalized. Instead of looking at square boxes, which could work against color-blind people, I hope to generate diverse symbols, which could be applied to the Team Lineups and the rider labels.

Riders are designed to be race and gender ambiguous, so as to be welcoming to all types of game players.