A brief history of my Banksy “Flower Bomber” costume

It’s Halloween, so that means my “Flower Bomber” costume from four years ago has found renewed interest. This year’s excitement has been an interview with PBS NewsHour as well as being declared “brilliant” by Buzzfeed (take that for what you will).The reason I’m finally writing something about the costume is that it’s clear that it […]

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Create a new Keyboard Layout with the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

One of my big endeavors last year was to learn a new language and here I am learning two. I am planning a blog explaining the path I took to dive into both languages, and review a myriad of apps that have helped. But that is for another time. My two new languages, German and […]

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Believing in something even better: Three problems with my initial experience with US Cellular

I had been with Verizon Wireless since I was first given a cell phone back in late 2003 (I was a very late bloomer) but due to recent policy issues (among many other customer service problems) I decided it was time to abandon ship. Sucks for ol’ Verizon, as I was about to upgrade my […]

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