I’ve been nominated for Best Album Art (twice!)

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It looks like I’ve been nominated for Best Album Art (twice!) for Radio Milwaukee’s Fourth Annual Milwaukee Music Awards! Nomination #1 was for The Scarring Party’s “Losing Teeth” For this album I did the typography, layout design, and back illustration. The main illustration was provided by Ray Caesar. Nomination #2 was for Pezzettino’s “Lub Dub” […]

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Two new albums worth checking out (and not just because I was involved)

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The Scarring Party has been one of my favorite bands from its inception. Lead singer Daniel Bullock has managed to combine folk, old-timey, and punk ethos into a sound that isn’t duplicated anywhere else. And really, I’m not just saying that. Please let me know if you’ve heard anything remotely similar anywhere else. There are […]

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