I’ve been nominated for Best Album Art (twice!)

A split of Pezzettino's "Lub Dub" and The Scarring Party's "Losing Teeth."

It looks like I’ve been nominated for Best Album Art (twice!) for Radio Milwaukee’s Fourth Annual Milwaukee Music Awards!

Nomination #1 was for The Scarring Party’s “Losing Teeth”

The Scarring Party's "Loosing Teeth" album cover.
The Scarring Party’s “Loosing Teeth” album cover with illustration by Ray Caesar.

For this album I did the typography, layout design, and back illustration. The main illustration was provided by Ray Caesar.

Nomination #2 was for Pezzettino’s “Lub Dub”


Pezzettino's Lub Dub album cover
Pezzettino’s Lub Dub album cover

On this album I did the whole design, from illustration on up.

I’m not sure if you can only vote for the one category or if you have to select something from each category, so you may need to know something about Milwaukee’s music scene. (However, if you had to cheat, all the info you need to know, really, is in this post.) You can find out more about the individual albums here.

Give it a shot. Show your support and vote!

RANDOM FACT: The 88nine image for this article happens to be the 88th image uploaded to my site.

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  1. Congrats, Jason! These are great works and the honor is very well deserved. Count my vote.

    Tim · 2011-01-24 14:15 · #