A Drawing Club: Because idle hands are the devil’s playthings

I have a new idea for a new “inspirational/collaborative” project in order to have a reason to keep on drawing. I’ve been lurking on a blog called “The Drawing Club”, where a bunch of artists get together and do drawings and paintings of live models.

I like this idea, and I really wish I could afford to sit in on a life drawing class at MIAD, but I also like the idea of being able to include a variety of people from a variety of areas from around the United States (or, perhaps, the world?). The artists would not have to simply do renderings of the image (unless they wanted). They could create a design, illustration, drawing, painting…whatever. Maybe even music?

This would require a bit of back-end work…something that would allow users to sign up, upload imagery, and specify a category, but not much else. Maybe a blog area would be implemented, but it seems the best way to start out would be small and simple.

My current Content Management System (CMS) is TextPattern, which works well for what I’m doing now. Ashe Dryden tells me that the Drupal CMS would be an ideal place to start for more powerful work, and has offered a crash course in getting started. Who can refuse?

So with any luck, perhaps the coming months will deliver something along those lines. My biggest fear is that this game, which is supposed to deliver inspiration, would turn into an amateur hour and eventually just waste away, but I’m thinking it’ll be a fun exercise, anyway.