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I fell out of love with reading a while ago because I felt like I didn’t have time to make it happen. I also live a very busy, extremely distracted life, and as a result I couldn’t find the peace to escape into a fictional world. Then podcasts started to become popular and I became a voracious listener. Audible, an audio-book service, advertised frequently on those shows: The usual hook was, if I was such a fan of podcasts, surely I could get into audiobooks.

In the few years since I’ve had a subscription, this has mostly been true. Listening to audiobooks is a different experience than listening to podcasts, though. Podcasts are more conversational, while audiobooks require more attention to the plot.

I also found it hard to get back into reading/listening because I had been out of that world for so long. Is this book good because there is a movie based on it? Or does that mean it’s bad? Is this book good because it’s highly rated? Or does that mean it’s too popular to be good? Is this recommendation right for me?

Between being too distracted and paying attention to the wrong recommendations, my first few books were at a loss. But after some amount of time I feel like I’ve figured out the right rhythm, because I’ve immensely enjoyed the following three books. Continue reading ›