OnMilwaukee: April Fools Hank prank goes viral

Every year on April Fools Day OnMilwaukee only runs articles that are fake. They’re meant to be topical and humorous and they’re not meant to be believed, (though there is some joy to be had in finding people who haven’t “seen a few ’shops in their day”).

April Fools Day is always a good day for the site, traffic-wise, but 2014 was about to shatter some overall traffic records.

In 2014 April Fools happened just after the Milwaukee Brewers’ Opening Day. Opening Day was extra eventful because the team had picked up a stray dog during Spring Training named Hank and this would be his first day on the Milwaukee field. It may also be important to note that he was scheduled to be neutered the next day.

Cue the photo of the dog biting the crotch of another Brewers mainstay, the Klement’s Racing Sausage…