OnMilwaukee’s Hoan Bridge Avatars, Compiled

Hoan Bridge Avatars, Compiled

I was charged with finding a way to jazz up our Twitter avatar.

There isn’t a lot of research as to how often avatars should change, if at all. In doing some very informal research, plus noting my own tendencies, it seems that changing social media avatars is a necessary, though difficult thing to do. Avatars are one of the first elements viewers orient themselves around. This is why it can be frustrating to see those “change your avatar for support” campaigns. Suddenly you can’t tell one person from the other. But a stale avatar can detract users, too. It can reflect the feeling of a vacant account or stale content.

So there’s the challenge: change your avatar too often and lose brand recognition. Change it too little, and watch your relevance fade into the social din.

But what is the right time to do it? That might be a good idea for a thesis paper…